This musical weaves interesting
facts about whales into a
fun-filled family entertainment.


Cast: 1 female, 2 male

Place/Time: The Caribbean Sea and the coast of New Jersey, today.




WILLIE, a humpback whale from the "country," is anxious to depart the waters of the Caribbean for the coast of New Jersey to meet again his truelove, WANDA, a female humpback from the "north." He's been practicing a song he wrote just for Wanda, but it's "different" and maybe Wanda won't like different. His buddy Dolph, a dolphin(surprise!) tells him that different is good, and, together with their turtle friend SAMANTHA, they swim north to the strains of "MOVIN' ON UP THE LINE."

When Willie finally sees Wanda, he is star-struck-her flippers, her tail, her fluke, the way she breaches leave him practically swooning. Her bluesy rendition of FLUKE SALUTE only adds to her appeal, but finally Willie gets up the courage to ask her to the fishfry and she says yes.

At the 'fry, Dolph mocks the way humans always put spices on seafood and sings a "spicy" tango to the joys of eating the natural way: EAT IT PLAIN. Then the feasting begins. But Willie accidentally swallows a balloon dropped from a tourist boat. Wanda takes care of him, and this presents Willie his chance-with much prodding from Dolph-to sing her his song, "YOU SHAKE ME TO MY BONES." Wanda is duly impressed, but just as they are about to kiss, she hears the motor noise from another tourist boat and, unable to resist the chance to perform her famous fluke salute, dashes off towards the boat.

Willie chases her (through the audience, if possible), warning her about the danger of boats. He is distracted, however, by the sudden appearance of a FISHERMAN, who apparently has fallen overboard and become trapped in his own fishing net. Singing whale songs to calm him down, Willie manages to use the sharp barnacles on his back to saw the fisherman free. As the man swims to the surface, Willie hears a terrible scream from Wanda.

The next morning, Wanda "wanders" in, her fluke heavily bandaged from a run-in with a boat propeller. Now she's the "ugly" one, not Willie. Now she's the one who's "different." The star singer has been brought down a notch or two. But that's just the way Willie wants it. He convinces Wanda that there's nothing wrong with taking the time to appreciate the things around you-"Slow down and smell the seaweed." And, together, the whole company reprises the FLUKE SALUTE with its timeless message, "Whoever you are, you're a star!"